Getting something you really want

During a divorce, it’s anyone’s guess why one spouse will demand ownership of a certain item. Sometimes what seems to be clear cut property division, turns into a battle of the wills. When something of yours becomes the object of obsession for your soon-to-be ex, how do you put a stop to it and get what you really want? Well, for lack of a better term, you lawyer up.

If you’re currently fighting this battle, chances are you already know that Texas is a community property state. Sure that means in a perfect world, the marital property pie would be split right down the middle 50/50, but thank goodness, the perfect world scenario doesn’t exist, and slight deviations from the 50/50 division can be made. What does that mean for you and getting what you want? It means that with the help of a highly skilled divorce attorney, and a well-established argument, the sought after property may be as good as yours.

Requesting a certain asset in a divorce, when it is also wanted by the other party takes knowledge of the law, and a well-structured argument. Logical, lawful reasons why you should be awarded the desired property will help your attorney build an argument for awarding you ownership. In the event that valuation comes into play, you may need to be prepared with a trade of sorts, giving your soon-to-be ex an item or items of equal value for the belonging you desire.

An experienced divorce attorney can help formulate a plan to keep ownership of your items after your divorce. With their help, you can rest assured that the property that you love won’t be given up without a fight.