Holiday season prompting a reevaluation of divorce terms?

For some, “the most wonderful time of the year” is just right around the corner. For those whose families have been changed by divorce, however, the holidays can present an emotionally complex time of year, especially for men and women who have children.

Maybe you were divorced years ago. If it has been some time since your divorce was finalized, perhaps use the importance of this milestone time of year to reflect on the terms of your divorce now. Do the terms reflect what is best and fair for everyone today?

In Texas, divorce modifications are a possibility. Common aspects of a divorce that might be modified are child support, child custody and visitation and spousal support. Changes to the terms of any of these matters are generally only granted if there has been a big shift in a family’s circumstances.

If the upcoming holiday season has you worrying about affording gifts because of a pay cut or necessary increase in your everyday expenses, think about your current spousal or child support terms. Do they reflect a past reality that you can no longer afford? If so, a modification to your child support or alimony terms might be an option.

What are your kids’ plans for the holidays? Do you get to see them? Do you believe it is in their best interests to spend more time with you due to a change in behavior of the other parent? If you believe your kids are currently not in the best hands and you want to be a more major part of their lives, talk to your family law attorney about a possible child custody modification.

Modification requests will not always be granted, but there are cases in which a court would see eye-to-eye with the person requesting the changes. The desire to leave a finalized divorce alone is understandable. Still, life happens. People change. Circumstances change. Divorce laws in Texas reflect that and can help to foster a setup that is fair and best for those involved.