Hoops star Griner in the middle of contentious alimony dispute

The saga of women’s basketball standout Brittney Griner’s marriage now has a new chapter. For the uninformed, Griner married fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson and their relationship and marriage has been a tumultuous roller-coaster ride that’s played out in the media over the last year. It’s included well-publicized arrests for domestic disturbance, suspensions from the WNBA and alleged secret pregnancies.

Griner asked for an annulment June 5, less than a month after the couple wed. One day previous, Johnson told the world that she was pregnant from an in vitro fertilization that Griner claims she was unaware of. In fact, in Griner’s petition for annulment, she claims she was pressured to marry because of threats from Johnson.

Now, Johnson is seeking alimony from Griner. She wants $20,000 a month plus a $10,000 advance for legal fees. She claims that she is in financial trouble after paying for the in vitro, the wedding and furniture for the home. In the request for alimony, she states a need for personal trainers, household help and medical care that her insurance doesn’t cover.

The off-court drama could turn into a fiasco, but only time will tell. A hearing for the couple is scheduled for Aug. 17.

The case serves as a perfect reminder of how difficult issues of alimony can be. Whether you are seeking spousal support or being asked for it, it’s typically a good idea to speak with an attorney. He or she can sit down with you, analyze your situation and help make sure your rights and interests are well represented throughout the processes of property division, child support, child custody and alimony.

Source:, “WNBA star Brittney Griner embroiled in alimony dispute with spouse,” Greg Rajan, July 14, 2015