Indiana Pacers player involved in child custody lawsuit

Texas parents may be interested in the child custody issues that one professional basketball player is facing. He is arguing that he should have sole custody of the child should a paternity test confirm that he is the child’s father.

On May 1, a New York woman claims to have given birth to the child of Indiana Pacers player Paul George. She says that a paternity test given prior to the birth proves that the baby is his. George argues that the methodology of the test was flawed and doubts the result. He is requesting that a court order a post-natal retest. If he is found to be the child’s father, George says that he will embrace the chance to be a parent. Accordingly, George has also petitioned for custody pending the new paternity test results.

George’s motion for custody gives several reasons why he believes the mother to be unfit to care for the child. The petition notes that the mother has been unemployed and is not currently seeking employment. The mother has countered that her unemployment is due to child care responsibilities. She argues that George’s travel schedule makes it difficult for him to perform his duties as the custodial parent. George’s motion, however, states that he is the best choice for both sole legal and physical custody due to his financial and other resources.

A custody dispute such as this can be difficult and emotional for both the parents and the child. In these situations, an attorney may be able to help by determining what is in the best interests of the child and negotiating a fair agreement with the other parent. The attorney may also be able to represent a parent in court, if necessary.

Source: INDY Star, “Pacers’ Paul George seeks sole custody of child“, June 30, 2014