Joint custody in Texas

There are many different ways that child custody can be allocated between two divorcing parents here in Texas. Sometimes, custody ends up being shared between the two parents. This type of child custody arrangement is commonly referred to as joint custody. Today, we will go over a couple of things to note when it comes to custody arrangements here in Texas.

One is that, as Texas law specifies, joint custody does not necessarily mean equal custody. There can be differences between the two parents in the amount of possession time with a child, the amount of access to a child, the duties and the rights they are assigned under a joint child custody arrangement.

Another is that joint custody arrangements can look very different from one another. Such arrangements can vary quite a bit in how the rights and responsibilities of the parents are allocated.

Given how many different shapes and sizes joint custody arrangements can take, there are all manner of details that it is important to clearly set when forming such arrangements. It is important for divorcing parents to keep this is mind when trying to negotiate the specifics of a joint child custody arrangement.

This customizability of joint custody arrangements here in Texas, while it can sometimes add some complexity to the process of reaching such arrangements, carries the benefit of making it possible to have joint child custody arrangements that are heavily tailored to a family’s specific needs and circumstances.

Texas child custody attorneys can provide advice and information to divorcing individuals who have questions about joint custody arrangements or other aspects of child custody law.