Legal issues for parents in a divorce

Anyone in a divorce can find themselves with quite a bit on their plate in regards to the divorce process. The process can be particularly loaded with important issues when the individuals getting divorced are parents with minor children. In addition to dealing with the dissolution of the marriage and the splitting of one financial household into two, divorces of parents of minor children also need to address what will happen moving forward regarding the children.

Three very important child-related issues in divorces of parents are: where the kids will live, how time with the kids will be divided between the two parents and how decision-making authority regarding the kids’ upbringing will be split between the parents. These are the sorts of issues that child custody/visitation negotiations and proceedings deal with.

Another important issue is how the costs related to the care of the kids and meeting all of the kids’ needs are to be divided among the parents. This issue is the focus of child support negotiations and proceedings.

What happens in a divorce of parents when it comes to child custody and child support can deeply affect the parents and the kids. Attorneys with a background in family law can give support and advice to parents in regards to these important, and sometimes very complex, issues.

Both child custody and child support matters can have their complicated aspects. One process that can sometimes prove complex when it comes to child support is the calculation of the amount of a child support obligation.

In Texas, such calculations are typically directed by the state’s child support guidelines. The guidelines have a large number of rules attached to them and many different factors can impact how they are to be applied in a given situation.

Sometimes, the state makes alterations to the child support guidelines. For example, as is noted in our article, “New Texas child support maximums hit higher-income payers hardest,” some changes were made last year regarding the guidelines for some higher-income brackets. Changes to the child support guidelines can sometimes end up having rather large impacts on child support cases.