Legal representation for complex property division

When two people with significant assets are going through a divorce in Texas, the matter of property division can become extraordinarily complicated. Although the rules governing the division of marital property and separate property might appear straightforward, the actual implementation of these rules involves any number of variables. If one or both of the spouses hold multiple high-value assets, the process is especially difficult.

At the Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., our attorneys and staff are prepared to help you protect your personal property and financial assets from a 50-50 division. Because we understand that your right to hold onto your property is vital to your ongoing financial well-being, we will work to vigorously defend your interests using an abundance of evidence and expert testimony.

While helping our clients to protect their assets during the property division process, we employ knowledgeable forensic accounts and business valuators. Using the information gleaned by these professionals, we strive to form a complete picture of both spouses’ financial situations that can then be presented at a court hearing. By offering a judge all of the information necessary to establish the validity of your claims, we can help put you in a better position to secure a favorable judgment.

If you have an existing prenuptial agreement in place, we may be able to help you by evaluating the document to determine how it will affect property division in your case. We may also be able to help represent your interests to ensure that the prenuptial agreement is understood and enforced. Whether you are in the midst of a divorce or contemplating one, please visit our page on complex property division to learn more about the division of marital property and separate property in a divorce.

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