Man sleeps outside estranged wife’s mansion

A Texas man is going beyond contesting his impending divorce to downright protesting it. The 69-year-old man has been living in the front bushes of his large, mansion for the past several months. As a recent Daily News story reports, since his wife filed for divorce last June, he has been against moving, divorcing and giving up his beautiful home.

The man’s wife, a Texas doctor, has banned him from the residence during the divorce proceedings citing domestic violence as a contributing factor to their separation. According to the couple’s son, the father has been jailed for domestic violence charges and has even had a protective order filed against him by his wife.

While neighbors in the wealthy Seabrook area have complained to both authorities and the family about the man loitering in the bushes, there is nothing that can be done. He is part owner of the residence and doesn’t want to leave. However, as suggested by reporters, the man may be evaluated for mental health issues as his physical health is deteriorating during his stay outdoors. Still, he refuses to relocate to an apartment or hotel.

The couple’s son reports that his mother’s decision to kick his father out came after years of abuse and lies. The son also said that his father stole money from his mother and struck another family member.

Although it is unclear if mental health issues play a role in this man’s decision to sleep outside, this is definitely not the normal reaction to a high asset divorce. Whatever decisions the man and his wife make in the coming months, they will hopefully have a trusted divorce attorney to assist them.

Source: The Daily News, “Texas man accused of spousal abuse protests wife’s divorce by camping out in front yard of million dollar seaside home,” Nicole Hensley, Oct. 7, 2015