Military divorces have unique considerations

The men and women who serve our country deserve to have their rights protected just as they protect our rights. This is true in all legal matters, even personal ones like divorce. If you are in the military and are heading toward a divorce, we can help you learn about the unique points of these divorces.

The issues in military divorces are typically the same as in civilian divorces. If you have property, you will have to work through who gets what. If you have children, decisions about child custody have to be made.

The issue of child custody in military divorces can pose a big problem. Traditional custody agreements won’t always work because of deployments and changing service billets. In these cases, we might have to get creative with the custody agreement. If you know you will be deployed, including provisions for virtual visitation might be beneficial for your case. Coming up with a flexible custody schedule might also help.

You also have to think about how the divorce might affect your retirement pay if you are planning to retire. This is a consideration that is subjected to federal and state rules. We can help you work through those laws so that you can find out how they will apply to your case.

We know that your service takes a lot of your time and energy. We are here to do the legal work for you so that you can focus on protecting the country that you love. We will stand by you throughout your divorce to make sure that your interests are kept at the heart of the case.