Navigating a high-net-worth divorce

The process of dividing property in a high-net-worth divorce can be both complex and emotional. In addition to disputes over property and financial assets, it is possible to overlook assets such as retirement funds. Another potential complication in a high-net-worth divorce is the possibility that a spouse may try to hide assets.

An attorney with a background in high-net-worth divorces may have an understanding of complex family law and have connections with forensic accountants, financial planners and other experts. A divorce involving multiple properties and other assets requires a great deal of careful analysis, including how any post or prenuptial agreements may affect property division. Experts can help with this process.

An individual who is facing the prospect of a high-net-worth divorce will have unique concerns and require a great deal of individual attention. It is important to find an attorney who is willing to make a firm commitment to protecting his or her interests throughout the separation or divorce process.

A high-net-worth divorce often requires the work of a team of experts. For instance, a forensic accountant may discover hidden assets and a business valuation expert may evaluate a business owned by the couple to determine the company’s worth. Once all assets have been discovered and the value determined, an attorney can focus on counseling the spouse and working toward a divorce agreement.

An attorney can provide legal advice, counseling and representation throughout the divorce process. A high-net-worth divorce is very complex and may require the assistance of professionals to obtain an equitable division of property.

Source: Sesemore Law Firm, “High Net Worth Divorce“, October 31, 2014