Other complications that can arise during a custody battle

Man with a suit holding up a sign that says "child custody"

Fighting over custody often takes precedence over just about any other priority for parents. Unfortunately, these battles can be contentious and lengthy, which can create secondary issues that parents also need to resolve in addition to custody.

A few issues that parents may struggle with during a custody dispute include job-related problems, travel restrictions and public discussion on your situation.

How does custody lead to these problems?

Tennis star Victoria Azarenka is reportedly dealing with all these issues in her own custody battle.

According to reports like this one, Azarenka and the father of her 1-year-old child have been fighting over custody in the U.S., though she was awarded custody in Belarus where she previously lived. Throughout the course of the dispute, Azarenka has put her career on hold, as she was forbidden from traveling with her son. The story has made national headlines in part because of her decision to withdraw from various tournaments as a result of the custody issues.

Recently, Azarenka learned that the courts agreed with her motion to have the case brought in Belarus, though the father could appeal the decision.

What Texas parents can take away from this case

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to experience similar issues as a parent fighting over custody.

Between legal hearings, childcare requirements and travel restrictions, you could face challenges with meeting work obligations. You could also be separated from other family and loved ones if your case is in another state or country.

Further, if your case goes to court, the details typically becomes a matter of public records, which anyone can view.

When you consider all the ways your life can be affected by a custody dispute, it can a priority that you resolve it as quickly and fairly as possible. Parents may want to seriously consider the option for mediation. This method of resolving disputes is typically faster, more amicable and private, which can all prevent or minimize the other issues that can stem from a difficult custody battle.

Regardless of how amicable or contentious a custody dispute may be, parents would be wise to have legal representation throughout the case to ensure their rights are protected and they understand their legal options.