People do split up simply because they’re bored

If you’re surprised by the divorce rate, you may be thinking that people always have big, dramatic reasons to get divorced. Perhaps one spouse was unfaithful, for example, or got involved in criminal activity. Maybe there are issues with money that stem from the loss of a job or an expensive addiction.

While these reasons do spur some divorce cases, many separations are based on things that are a lot more mundane. Couples simply stop talking and having as much fun as they used to. Sometimes, one person just gets bored and decides that any change is needed.

One woman said she was bored with her life in general. She knew she needed some change, didn’t know what else to do and decided she had to leave her husband. He didn’t do anything wrong, but she was craving that larger change and saw no other way to get it.

In some cases, couples feel like they are just growing apart. They could have married young, after not dating for very long, when things were exciting and emotional. Ten years later, though, they may not feel anything like the people they were when they got married, and they may no longer think they are a good fit. In cases like this, both people may be bored, and they’ll mutually be looking for a way to get out of the arrangement.

Remember, divorce doesn’t have to happen for some huge, cliche reason. It doesn’t have to happen overnight. If you think your marriage will never end because nothing dramatic has taken place, remember that simple boredom could very well lead your spouse to seek a divorce. When that happens, you have to make sure your personal rights are respected. Find a divorce attorney in Fort Worth.

Source: Eleanore Wells, “Is Boredom A Good Reason For Divorce?,” Eleanore Wells, accessed Nov. 16, 2016