Professional licenses sometimes removed over unpaid child support

There are many different methods states can turn to when it comes to trying to get individuals who owe unpaid child support to pay up. Some of these methods are rather well-known and are turned to fairly often, while others are used much more sparingly and are ones that many people may not know about. A case came up in another state which illustrates one of the perhaps lesser-known child support enforcement tactics governments sometimes use.

The matter involves a doctor who worked in Maryland who is alleged to have a back-due child support debt total of over $100,000.

In relation to his purported failure to pay off this debt, Maryland decided to take away the doctor’s license to practice medicine in the state.

In many states, including here in Texas, the government has the authority to remove a person’s professional license in response to an unpaid child support debt. This tactic is viewed by some as being a fairly drastic one. It is a tactic governments tend to use rather rarely.

For the time being, it appears that the child support matter involving the doctor is no closer to a resolution, as he has purportedly since moved to Kuwait.

The hope behind the use of the profession license suspension tactic is that the loss of a license could jolt an individual into deciding to become current with their child support obligation and could serve as a lessen to other individuals to not shirk child support obligations.

What do you think of this child support enforcement tactic? Do you think it is one that is fairly effective? Do you think its current usage level is about right, or do you think Texas and other states should turn to this method more or less often than they presently do?

Source: WJLA, “Maryland doctor stripped of license after failing to pay child support,” Joce Sterman, Sept. 15, 2014