How to qualify for an annulment

You know that you can void out your marriage by using an annulment, but are you wondering if you’re even eligible? It’s important to remember that there are specific criteria that must be met, and not everyone can seek an annulment.

If you still do want to use it, perhaps because you would rather make it as though your marriage never happened, rather than being married and then getting divorced, consider the following. You’ll need to meet one of these criteria:

— You or your spouse are under the age of 18 and you never got a court order or parental consent.

— You were forced to get married, you were under duress, or fraud was used to trick you into the marriage.

— You don’t live together and you were using narcotics or alcohol when you tied the knot.

— Your spouse suffers from permanent impotence and never told you about it.

— Your spouse was recently divorced and then hid that from you.

— You weren’t able to consent to the marriage because you don’t have the mental capacity to do so.

— You got the marriage license and then got married under 72 hours later.

As you can see, many marriages are not going to qualify. However, those who do should know that annulment may be a very quick and easy way to put a mistake behind you.

It’s very important to know exactly what paperwork is needed and how the process plays out. If you’d like to learn more about what is an annulment and your legal options, please call us at 817-336-4444 or submit your request here.

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