Receiving spousal support during divorce

Alimony is one of the most talked about divorce topics ever. Some people agree with it, and some people hate the very idea. Contrary to popular belief, in Texas alimony is not automatic, and while there are many different types of alimony, ordered for many different reasons, one common type that is less well known is spousal support during the divorce process.

During the divorce process, which may be quite lengthy it is not unheard of for one spouse to struggle to make ends meet or provide the necessary elements for their new, one income life. When this is the case, a family court judge may order spousal support. The idea behind this maintenance is to help the struggling spouse get on their feet so that once the divorce is final they will be financially capable of taking on their financial obligations alone.

When spousal support is considered in divorce cases, it is usually due to the earning potential of one spouse and their ability to provide for their children. Although spousal support is usually ordered for the duration of the divorce process, it may also be ordered to carry on for a certain period of time. The family court judge will consider all aspects of the divorcing couple’s marriage to make a determination on continued support payments.

Not everyone knows when divorce is looming. Sometimes the action can be sudden and leave a spouse scrambling for financial stability. When this happens, their attorney may work with them to request spousal support for the duration of the divorce process. They may also be able to fight for spousal support to continue after the divorce is final.