Recognize parenting time interference to stop it early

You love seeing your child and you always make an effort to be at the meeting spot ahead of schedule. You’re there when your child arrives with his or her other parent. The last thing you ever want is to have your kid think you don’t want to see him or her, especially because you get to only a few times a week.

Lately, you’ve been having a harder time with scheduling visitation, because the other parent keeps coming up with excuses. Is this parenting time interference? If so, what can you do about it?

Parenting time interference

Parenting time interference can be direct or indirect. Generally speaking, it’s when a parent intentionally attempts to deny or obstruct the other parent’s right to see one’s child.

Direct interference can be as bold as refusing to allow a child to see the other parent against court orders. Direct interference could also be the other parent failing to allow you to see your child if you miss a child support payment or must have a payment modified.

What is indirect interference?

Indirect interference isn’t as obvious, but it’s every bit as serious. For example, if the other parent disrupts your communication with your child, then that is indirect interference in many cases. Here’s a situation that would involve indirect interference:

If Jenny wants to call her mother, but her father refuses because he doesn’t want her to talk to her mother about her day, that’s potentially interference. When her mother calls for an update and asks to speak with Jenny, failing to allow her to speak with Jenny may be interference as well.

It’s also indirect interference to prevent a parent from participating in your child’s social and extracurricular events in some cases. Likewise, t’s interference to speak to a child about a parent in a way that makes him or her not want to see the other parent.

If you’re struggling with this kind of a problem, the courts can help. Parenting time interference impacts your life and your child’s youth, so it’s important to stop it early.