In sickness and in health, can I get some insurance for that?

If one thing is absolutely true, it is probably the idea that life doesn’t always go as we had planned. Things unexpectedly happen, and while we cannot control everything that occurs, we can purchase insurance to help cover some situations, provide relief for the expenses that we incur.

Some might be surprised to know that there is even insurance for weddings. A bride having an outdoor wedding probably fears the weather the most — also one of the most uncontrollable aspects of life. Insurance covers the money that may have been lost as a result of Mother Nature or other parties that might cancel, go out of business or simply mess things up.

These insurance policies start at around $200 and can go as high as $1,000 or even more depending on how big the wedding is going to be. With the increased cost of weddings today, it is probably a good thing that this type of coverage is available. For one couple, it meant a return of the $13,000 they had already spent when their venue ran into some legal troubles and unexpectedly closed its doors.

So the wedding is covered, but what about the marriage? What about divorce? Is there divorce insurance? It may not be called that, but couples can set terms controlling how property should be divided and whether or not spousal support would be appropriate in the event of a divorce. We just call it a prenuptial agreement.

The risk associated with this type of agreement is that a court won’t hold it enforceable when it comes time to file for divorce or that it doesn’t accurately reflect the wishes of the couple, but there is a professional that can help. Divorce attorneys are masters at crafting these agreements. Those in the Metroplex simply need to discuss their concerns with a Fort Worth divorce attorney.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Wedding Insurance Helps Couples Through Sickness, Bad Weather and Lost Venues,” Mitch Lipka, May 30, 2014