Social media: A dark cloud over marriage? Part 2

In a recent blog post, we shared some trends that different family law attorneys claim to have observed among marriage and divorce in terms of social media use. There are various reasons why a marriage becomes unhappy or unhealthy. With the rise of social media, perhaps it is no surprise that certain applications’ use would impact relationships.

The following are a couple more way that apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for example, can change the condition of a marriage:

All that glitters…

In others’ marriages

People, probably including you, tend to post the happy and pretty things on social media. Others might post their pictures from a family vacation. Few people will post a picture in which they or their spouse looks bad. We post the best of ourselves and our lives — and our marriages — for Facebook friends to see. It can look like other couples are happier than we are. It can look like they always get along and have things you hope you’d have in your marital life. Feeling disappointed in one’s own life and marriage because of the comparisons we make to others online is a real issue for some couples.

All that glitters…

In others’ single lives

Just as other people’s marriages can look better than someone else’s, so can the single lives of unmarried friends. Social media gives us a regular glimpse into the lives of those who are not married and/or are divorced. Maybe those single friends are seemingly having more fun than you are. Maybe they are enjoying the dating world and have met someone new. Maybe that is what you want for your life and your single friend has inspired you to seek change.

The theory, “All that glitters is not gold,” does apply to many circumstances of what we all see and post online. Just as you likely see only what others want you to see of their lives via social media, you might post what you want others to see and hide what you are not comfortable with.

Are you sick of pretending, however, that your marriage is perfect or even good? Living a life of honesty is one reason why some men and women finally make the decision to get a divorce. The priority in their lives becomes happiness and having healthy relationships. You will never know the full truth of others’ lives based on social media, but you can definitely seek a truth within your life that you desire.