Social media: A dark cloud over marriages?

If you are reading this blog, you are online. Is there another window open on your computer or phone browser? If you are like the many other Texans hooked on technology, you are hooked on social media, too.

But can your attachment to social media lead to your detachment between you and your spouse? Some family law attorneys claim that they’ve seen how social media use can have a negative toll on people’s marriages. Why and how?

Internet connection versus intimate connection

One of the reasons social media can pull couples apart is because the individuals spend so much time on their phones or computers that they don’t have enough quality time with their spouses. A personal connection, fun times out on dates and intimacy can dwindle if couples engage more with people online than they do with each other in real life.

Intimate connection online versus intimate connection in marriage

Social media opens up doors to connect with new people and to reconnect with old friends — and flames. Some spouses will find connections that turn romantic, taking them away from their connection to their marriages. The digital world is ever-present and can instill boldness in users. When a connection meets chemistry and chemistry meets boldness, an affair might follow.

These are only a couple of various ways that social media has an impact on marriage and divorce. An upcoming post will lay out more ways that applications like Facebook can lead to the need for divorce.

Until then, we leave you with a question. What sort of impact has social media had on your marital life and/or on your divorce? Overall, has it had a positive or negative effect on your life?