Spousal support after divorce based on multiple factors in Texas

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When a married couple has been together for several years, facing the reality of a failing marriage and an inevitable divorce can cause grief. Feeling anxious about the emotional split-up can be taxing, but so can feeling apprehensive about what will happen to one’s money at the end of a divorce proceeding. This is especially the case when two individuals are fighting over spousal support in Texas.

A related case involves two west-coast celebrities who have decided to call it quits. The couple — Ben Harper and Laura Dern — have been married since 2005. At the beginning of the divorce, Harper specifically requested that no spousal support go to Dern.

The divorce filing was made in 2010. Even though the couple tried to reconcile in 2012, the relationship still did not work out. As a result, the divorce has been finalized, and neither party will get spousal support.

In a divorce situation, a court in Texas has to determine whether it is reasonable for either the wife or the husband to be awarded spousal support. If so, a judge also must decide what amount is proper to award, depending on the length of the marriage and the amount of money that each party earns.

The final determination can also be based on the health of the individuals and each party’s financial assets. However, the couple may reach an agreement on this matter on their own without the need to involve a judge, which will increase both of their chances of being satisfied with the outcome.

Each party in a divorcing couple has the right to fight for their best interests while negotiating a comprehensive and just solution with the ex-spouse regarding spousal support.

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