Why is your spouse denying you access to your kids?

Typically, experts agree that it’s best to keep your children as far from a contentious post-divorce relationship as possible. Obviously, this doesn’t mean limiting their contact with you and your ex, but it means not putting them in the middle of any arguments and disagreements.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. In extreme cases, your ex may even seek to cut off your contact with the kids.

This can be done for many reasons. One is just spite. Your ex is mad and hurt. Maybe you asked for the divorce. Your spouse knows that the best way to hurt you is to keep you from the kids. It’s a revenge tactic and little more.

Your ex may also be trying to hide aspects of his or her life from you. Maybe your ex has a new live-in boyfriend or girlfriend. The kids know, because they live there, and your ex knows they’ll tell you. Keeping the kids away from you helps to keep secrets.

You ex could also be trying to influence the kids, hoping they’ll prefer him or her over you. Your ex could even be telling the children negative things about you — true or false — to sway their opinions.

The important thing to remember, when this happens, is that your legal rights may be violated. If the judge put out a court order giving you custody and/or visitation rights, you have a right to see your kids. It’s illegal for your spouse to interfere with this for any reason. You need to know what next steps you can take to regain access to your children.

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