Should states be promoting shared parenting more?

Traditionally, here in the U.S., the standard practice of child custody courts was to grant one parent sole custody rather than split custody between the two parents. There has been some shift away from this in recent times, but some argue that the shift has not yet gone far enough. They argue that 50-50 shared parenting is generally the best custody setup and that state child custody laws should be reformed to ensure that they properly promote it.

Recently, an organization that supports shared parenting, the National Parents Organization, issued a report card in which each state was given a letter grade based on how much it is promoted in its child custody law.

Generally, the states did not do too well on the report card. Only seven states were given a B grade and no states were given an A grade. A D grade was given to nearly half of the states.

Thus, the report card appears to be making a case that, generally, shared parenting still isn’t terribly favored in child custody laws here in the United States.

What a state’s child custody laws are can significantly impact kids, mothers and fathers. Thus, questions of what sorts of things state child custody law should favor are significant ones.

What are your thoughts on these issues? Do you think shared parenting should be the norm when it comes to child custody? What do you think of the current state of child custody law here in Texas and the rest of the country? Do you think the states should be promoting shared parenting more heavily than they currently are?

Source: USA Today, “Report: States fail on shared parenting laws,” Jonathan Ellison, Nov. 13, 2014