Study: with coming of fall, divorce rate rises

What has held you back from filing for divorce? Maybe you are at the beginning stage of just thinking about a potential split. Maybe you are already divorced and navigating a post-divorce life. Whatever your situation, think about what condition finally led to your final decision to end your marriage or make another serious family law choice.

Researchers have presented evidence that suggests there might be a common thread among those who divorce and the times they choose to file papers. While the research was limited to one state, it interestingly suggests that divorce is seasonal and commonly the product of the months of March and August.

Since we find ourselves already near the end of August, let’s discuss that as a popular time to divorce. Why would more couples wait until this month to choose to separate? According to the researchers’ theory, it is because the holiday is over.

The summer months, particularly for those with children, are a holiday that presents the opportunity for fun, the rekindling of romance and special family time. Also, parents might not want to stress their kids out during their summers off by getting a divorce. Even those without kids might not want their awaited summer to be defined by their split.

When the days begin to get shorter again, the Texas temps cool down and the school year begins, men and women might look back at the summer and realize that it didn’t go as they would have hoped. Maybe they are still unhappy or even unhappier than before. That shiny, holiday time of year was a disappointment.

Having the kids back in school also gives parents more time to reflect and even visit a divorce attorney if they make the decision to move forward with ending their marriage. No matter what, taking that step into a family law office can be difficult, emotional, and brave. But it can be the healthy decision that ultimately leads to a happier chapter for your family.

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