Texas families should consider emergency plans after divorce

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When it comes to Texas couples separating, many may wish that discussion with an ex stays to a minimum. However, if there are children involved, parents may still have to communicate on a regular basis after divorce. The typical situations of dealing with disciplinary issues and permission for activities may need to be discussed, but parents should also keep in mind and decide which parent would take what actions if an emergency or natural disaster takes place.

One tip to plan for such an event is to decide who will pick up the children if they are not already with one parent or the other. Situations can often take place while children are at school, and it is important for a family to know, especially the children, who would be there to collect them if such a need arose. Some parents may decide that in any event one parent will make sure they have the children or some may delegate it to whichever parent has custody at the time of the emergency.

Being prepared for an emergency or disaster may be more important to one parent or ex than the other. In these cases, the ex-spouse who is typically more prepared may wish to consider the other party in their readiness plans, especially if the other spouse has custody of the children. Discussing plans and allowing everyone to know what steps to take if a certain event takes place could help maintain the safety of a family, even if the couple is no longer married.

Having meaningful discussions after divorce can sometimes be difficult as some ex-spouses may not have separated on mutual or agreeable terms. However, many parents can agree that they will do what is best for their children, and having emergency plans in place could be beneficial. If a parent does not wish for these plans to be taken advantage of, they may wish to have them legally drawn up, and information on Texas laws dealing with child custody and other agreements could provide helpful knowledge.

Source: The Daily Caller, Preparedness tips for families of divorce, Jim Cobb, Nov. 12, 2013

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