Texas parents learn about child support rights and obligations

Have you ever heard the phrase “knowledge is power”? It is a phrase that many of our readers are probably familiar with, and it certainly applies to Texas family law issues. Information helps us make better decisions, respond to requests, live up to expectations and can even take the fear out of many situations.

A symposium was recently held with the goal of spreading information about child support laws in Texas to parents or those that may become a parent in the future. The goal was to raise awareness about both the support rights and obligations associated with being a parent in the state.

The HUB and Wichita Falls Housing Authority sponsored the event. Although anyone who wanted to was welcome to attend, Diane Morgan, The HUB Program Manager for North Texas Area United Way, said that the sponsors wanted to specifically encourage “young fathers and young men to come to this event to see how child support really works.”

The topics presented focused on what happens from start to finish in the child support claims process. There is often little said about something that is running as it should, and so it is no surprise that a major focus was on what happens in situations involving unpaid child support. Participants were also allowed and encouraged to ask questions that they may have had.

Although the child support laws in play cover individuals across Texas, there were likely a lot of individuals in Fort Worth that either couldn’t attend or didn’t even know about the event held in Wichita Falls.

Understanding the basics about child support is a great start, but getting tailored advice and information specific to an individual family situation is most helpful. This can be accomplished through simply seeking the counsel of a family law attorney who practices in Tarrant County.

Source: Times Record News, “No excuses: Child Support seminar coming,” Judith McGinnis, April 28, 2014