Tips for approaching a divorce your spouse doesn’t want

Your spouse doesn’t want the marriage to end. You know it’s what you want and you’ve tried to convince him or her that it’s for the best, but you just can’t agree. It’s a tough situation, and these tips can help you get through it.

First, make sure you always communicate. Don’t hide things. Don’t lie. Don’t refuse to talk to your spouse. Communication is critical and can even help your spouse see why a divorce is what you want.

At the same time, be as caring and compassionate as possible. Remember that this is going to impact your spouse far differently than you. You may be frustrated that your spouse won’t just go along, but try not to be angry and don’t take it out on your spouse. This will just strain the relationship more and make things harder in the long run.

Remember that time can help. Your spouse may have been caught completely off guard. While the need for a divorce was obvious to you, it wasn’t to him or her. The shock alone can cause a negative reaction. With time, your spouse may come around.

As you go through all of this, be sure you know what options you have and how the legal process will play out. Understand when you need to get your spouse to sign the divorce papers, for instance, or what you can do if he or she just refuses to sign. Keep the end goal in mind. It can take time and it may not be easy, but coming at it with the right mindset can help you move on toward the next stage in your life.

Source: Huffington Post, “5 Things to Do If You Want a Divorce But Your Husband Doesn’t,” Cheryl and Joe Dillon, accessed April 27, 2017