Trouble transporting children’s belongings when co-parenting

Co-parenting after divorce means splitting up, and not just for you and your spouse. Your kids will also be shuttled back and forth as they spend time with both of you.

For you, this may be easy to adjust to. For the kids, though, it can be very upsetting. Some of the problems can stem from things that parents may not even feel are all that important — but which are very important to the kids, directly impacting their happiness.

One divorced mother told a story about taking her son to see his favorite basketball team. It was going to be a great night out for the two of them, and they were both excited. Then, right before they left, her son started crying.

The problem was that he owned a jersey that he wanted to wear to the game, with his favorite player’s name and number. He had forgotten to pack it when he was leaving his dad’s. He was crushed, desperately wanting it, but there wasn’t time to pick it up and get to the game on time.

This same problem can play out with tons of items, from video games to school books to toothbrushes. Children who have to live in two homes have to pack their things up and move them back and forth constantly, and that just isn’t always going to work out smoothly.

It’s important to consider the realities of what life is like for a child when creating a parenting plan. How can the plan really focus on the kids? Should they have two sets of everything? Talk to your kids and really take the time to consider how to create a legal plan that works for them.

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