Unhealthy diet could be arguing point for custody

Many divorcing couples find new things to disagree with each other on during custody hearings. Sometimes parenting techniques and beliefs that were arguing points during marriage make their way to the courtroom. These things may include issues like diet and exercise. When parents become concerned that their ex’s unhealthy lifestyle is impacting their child, they may ask the family court to consider a custody modification.

According to the CDC, roughly two-thirds of America is overweight, which means for every three custody cases a family court hears; two of them involve an obese parent or child. This may be because most children mimic their parent’s eating habits, or because some parents allow their child to eat whatever they want. Either way, a parent’s lack of concern over their child’s health may be concerning enough for the family court to change custody.

Parents that wish to use an unhealthy diet or obesity as grounds for custody should understand that although it is not the typical argument, depending on the severity of the case, it may be worth checking into. After all, a poor diet can lead to lifelong health problems and early death. Showing just cause why one parent’s unhealthy lifestyle and diet is concerning may be a challenge but definitely worth it.

Proving that a parent is unfit based on their lifestyle or health choices is a difficult task. However, with the help of a skilled family law attorney, an argument may be made that helps the family court see the issue as potentially damaging to the child. As with any parent’s concern over their child’s well-being, speaking to a trusted attorney can help identify issues and seek change.