Unmarried Texas Couple with Child – Steps to take for Child Custody

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Marriage may not be for you, but perhaps you and your partner still want to have children. It’s a common occurrence these days among adults, as many are putting off nuptials until they get older, or just aren’t interested in participating in the institution of marriage in general.

But say, for example, that things just don’t work out between you and your significant other. And there’s a child involved. Whether parting ways peacefully, or not, you now you have to consider child custody and child support arrangements.

And as an extra step, in Texas, if you’re the father, you’ll need to prove it.

Establishing Paternity

In the eyes of the state of Texas, the child does not have a legally recognized father if the parents are not married unless a few steps are first taken to establish paternity.

Paternity in Texas can be established voluntarily and involuntarily:

  • Voluntarily: If both the mother and father agree on paternity, they can sign an “Acknowledgment of Paternity.” This is often done at the hospital when the child is born.
  • Involuntarily: If the parties involved have doubts or disagree who the father is, then one parent can file a paternity suit with the courts for the father to take a blood test to confirm their parental status. If the man doesn’t respond to the lawsuit, the courts can declare him to be the legal father.

For the child, establishing paternity is important for a number of reasons. Paternity establishment allows the child rights to inheritance, worker’s compensation (in the event of the father’s death on the job), dependent-based government assistance, access to personal information and the right to gain shelter from the father.


Custody Rights and Schedules

Parents can begin working to negotiate custody schedules and child support after paternity has been established. Unmarried parents in Texas have the same legal obligations that married or divorced parents do for their children. They will still need to go through the system to establish schedules, custody and child support arrangements.

Some parents will find it beneficial to hire specialized child support attorneys with a deep understanding of family law who can help them navigate the legal process, as well as help them develop custody and visitation schedules. For unmarried couples who need to establish child support arrangements, a child support attorney can be especially helpful.

Know Your Rights

Contact the Sisemore Law Firm, your Tarrant County Family Law attorneys. We’ll help you learn more about your parental rights as an unmarried couple in Texas and give you the assistance you need to establish a child support and custody agreement that works for you.