Could you use a Texas divorce planner?

During the course of a Texas divorce, each spouse will encounter a long list of items that require their attention. This list will be different for everyone, and will reflect the needs of each individual as they transition from married to single. Managing this to-do list can be a challenge, however, as a spouse works to address all of the other needs that accompany a divorce. In many ways, the process could be aided by using a professional divorce planner.

Much like a wedding planner, a divorce planner would serve to organize the multitude of details that should be attended to during this busy period in an individual’s life. He or she would also help their client stay on track in regard to the timeline in which these items should be completed. For many spouses, the sheer volume of tasks can feel overwhelming, leading to a period of inertia. Failure to move forward with these matters, however, can have negative outcomes.

The list of tasks can range from preparing a home for sale to finding new schools for one’s children. There are estate planning needs that should be considered, as well as creating a new post-divorce budget. These needs all come at a time when spouses are often struggling with their emotional reaction to the end of their marriage, as well as managing the needs of kids and extended family members. Having an objective “manager” to guide this process could be a valuable asset.

Although divorce planning has not yet become a widespread practice, Texas spouses can still employ some of the ideas given here within their own lives. When an individual is going through a divorce, friends and family often want to help but are unsure how to do so. It could be beneficial to ask one person to help address one area of concern, such as the list of paperwork needs, and lean on another friend to help with other needs such as finding and setting up a new residence. In the end, many spouses will find that simply having someone else helping to keep track of one’s progress is incredibly beneficial.

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