When visitation just doesn’t work

Making it through a divorce is in and of itself an accomplishment. Despite how difficult it was, seeing it through to the end marks the beginning of a new life. For parents, however, this accomplishment comes at a cost, and usually after heavy consideration and much negotiation between one another. When the divorce is all said and done, parents typically have a plan for how the time spent with their children should be divided, called a parenting plan. These plans usually outline most of the need-to-know information about custody and visitation. However, parenting plans can only address so many things, and unfortunately for parents, future schedule changes are not one of them.

Divorced parents often run into the problem of visitation not fitting into their schedule. Generally speaking, this issue can be resolved through brief communication between parents. However, there are many divorced parents who find it next to impossible to co-parent with their ex. For these parents, addressing a schedule and visitation conflict may present quite a challenge and therefore require the help of a legal professional.

Just as during the divorce, the family court takes each parent’s schedule into consideration when determining custody and visitation. Just because the divorce is over does not mean the family court’s involvement is over too. When there is a scheduling conflict that makes custody or visitation an issue for either parent, they may work with a family law attorney to modify the original custody and visitation order. If the schedule change presents a short-term conflict, the family court may help work out a temporary modification to the custody order. Likewise, if the schedule change is indefinite, a permanent modification may be made.

With the help of a family law attorney, divorced parents may be able to address schedule and visitation conflicts as they arise. If co-parenting is not an option, divorced parents may be able to seek a modification to their current custody and visitation arrangement.