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The emerging use of virtual visitation

Texas parents who have gone through a divorce may have to figure out how to handle virtual visitation issues. Many are unfamiliar with this term, which relates to using technology, such as instant messaging, video conferencing and email, to keep in touch with a child. In many cases, a non-custodial parent may choose to stay in touch with their child using this technology when they relocate. Another common reason for using this technology is when the custodial parent moves out of the area, making it harder for the other parent to see the child. Such arrangements have also become common in cases with unmarried parents that do not live together.

The concept of reasonable visitation

A judge will often order reasonable visitation when deciding a child custody matter in Texas. Reasonable visitation simply means that the non-custodial parent is entitled to some amount of visitation with the child that generally adheres to state guidelines and is considered to be reasonable. The judge leaves the actual coordination and planning of a visitation schedule to the parents themselves. This is directly opposite of a fixed visitation schedule wherein the judge orders times, and possibly locations, that must be adhered to.

Custody relocation laws for Texas parents

A commonly contentious item in divorce proceedings has to do with child custody, which involves the rights and responsibilities of caring for the child. This challenging situation may be exacerbated if a custodial parent relocates, forcing the other parent to engage in a long-distance relationship with the child. This is especially the case if an existing agreement states that the non-custodial parent is afforded visitation rights.

Child support crucial to getting some children back to school

The ubiquitous school supply list is a staple of childhood, but one that has gotten increasingly lengthy, and expensive in recent years. Whereas children of decades past could get by with a few "Number 2" pencils, a notebook and a folder or two, today's child needs markers, crayons, folders, paper, tissues, hand sanitizer, classroom snacks, dry erase markers, colored pencils and more, not to mention clothes and shoes. As supply demands have increased in recent years, it has become more important than ever for custodial parents struggling to make ends meet to receive timely child support before their children head back to school.

Indiana Pacers player involved in child custody lawsuit

Texas parents may be interested in the child custody issues that one professional basketball player is facing. He is arguing that he should have sole custody of the child should a paternity test confirm that he is the child's father.

Services now offered in Texas for child custody support

Deciding child custody after a divorce can be a difficult decision for both parents, depending on their unique family situation. If primary custody is awarded to one party, often time the other parent will be responsible for child support payments to assist in the financial responsibility. Services now offered in Texas for child custody support may assist families in many ways after a divorce, including education and child support.