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How to choose a Texas divorce attorney

At the end of a marriage, many Texas spouses wish that they had made a different decision when they chose their partner. At the end of a divorce, some wish that they had chosen a different attorney. While the relationship between an attorney and client is far less lengthy or involved than the one between a husband and wife, choosing an attorney can have significant long-term ramifications, both positive or negative.

Mediation can provide a positive means of settling a divorce

Couples who are on the path towards divorce must first decide how to process the end of their marriage. Divorce is never a one-size-fits-all proposition, and there are multiple ways that spouses can make the transition from married to single. In decades past, litigation was the primary path to divorce, but today's couples can benefit from a more flexible approach. Collaboration and mediation are both options that allow spouses to work together to reach a divorce settlement that is acceptable to all parties, and is a great option for many Texas families.

Divorce can come with many silver linings

The end of a marriage marks a significant life event, and the transition from married to single deserves acknowledgement. However, many spouses choose to focus exclusively on the negative aspects of divorce, and fail to recognize the more positive side of this time of transition. The following ideas are shared in the hopes of shining some light on the silver linings that come along with a Texas divorce.

How infidelity factors into the decision to file for divorce

Adultery is one of the most difficult experiences to overcome, regardless of whether a Texas couple is married or just dating. For those who are married, cheating can lead to a decision to file for divorce. Some spouses are able to work through infidelity issues, and a recent study suggests that certain individuals may be more willing to forgive an indiscretion on the part of their spouse.