Division Of Stock Options In Divorce

If stock options make up a significant portion of your individual wealth or the financial portfolio you have built with your spouse, it is crucial to make sure to preserve and maximize these assets in divorce. Your financial success throughout the course of your marriage should not be damaged solely as a result of your divorce.

Knowledgeable Fort Worth Lawyers For Stock Options Division

At Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., we offer skilled representation to men and women in Fort Worth, Arlington and throughout the Metroplex. We believe that you should have an attorney on your side who will put in the same amount of effort and dedication into protecting you as you put into building your stock portfolio.

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Helping Texas Clients Protect Their Assets During Divorce

Whether you are eager to protect the stock portfolio that you have built up throughout the course of your marriage from division or you are seeking to make sure you receive your fair share of property to reflect your contribution to your spouse’s financial success, we will put our resources and skilled representation to work for you.

We Also Help Protect Your Stock Options Upon Remarriage

If you are considering entering into a new marriage, it is important to avoid complex issues of property division in the future if you can. We can create a prenuptial (premarital) agreement that will provide you with peace of mind as you step forward into the future.

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