Grandparents’ Rights
grandpa and grandchild playing together
Grandparents hold a special place in the hearts of most people—kids and adults alike. Some even provide a safe haven when a parent or legal guardian is unable to properly care and provide for grandchildren. If you’re a Texas grandparent who wants to fight for legal custody of a grandchild, buckle up. The battle may...
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You’ve probably heard the quote: “Nothing is certain except for death and taxes.” Sure, we all know we’re going to die some day, but what many people don’t consider is how the unexpected death of a custodial parent could affect child custody, divorce and grandparents’ rights. If you’re concerned about custody of a child and...
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Parenting doesn’t get any easier as children grow up to be teenagers. Even if parents still see them as kids, teenagers often feel more like adults. They start to make their own decisions and develop their own ideas on themselves and how they view the world. In some families, this could lead to screaming matches...
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For grandparents, watching their grandchildren grow up is a wonderful experience. Sadly, not all grandparents can experience that because of tensions in the family or a variety of other reasons. Some grandparents have taken to seeking visitation rights to be able to spend time with their grandchildren. For grandparents in Texas, learning about these grandparents’...
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In recent years, more and more grandparents are taking an active role in their grandchildren’s lives. U.S. Census Bureau records show that, in 2011, one out of every 10 children lived with at least one grandparent. Over half of those grandparents – roughly 3 million – provided primary care for their grandchild. For some families,...
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