No Contest Divorce In Texas

For couples seeking a divorce in Texas, an uncontested or agreed divorce may seem like an attractive option. Following the mandatory 60-day waiting period following the filing of an Original Petition for Divorce, uncontested divorce allows spouses to finalize a divorce with minimal delay, and frequently with monetary savings.

Talking With Clients About The Best Divorce Options

At Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., our Fort Worth divorce attorneys believe it is important for individuals going through the divorce process to understand the implications of pursuing an uncontested divorce. Even when spouses approach a divorce amicably, in most cases there are legal issues that they fail to consider the full ramifications of. Ignoring important considerations can cause one or both spouses to lose important legal rights or financial interests. When this happens, the initial money saved by pursuing an uncontested divorce may seem trivial once the divorce is finalized.

Fort Worth Lawyers Who Will Advise You Honestly

Our lawyers are committed to expediting the finalization of a divorce without sacrificing the quality of representation that our clients receive. We believe that investing in the services of a law firm helps ensure our clients’ interests in the long term.

When you seek our firm’s services, we will carefully analyze your circumstances to determine what issues are likely to arise. If an uncontested divorce is truly the most effective way to finalize your divorce, we can help you with the process. If — as happens in many cases — there are items that become disputed, we are ready to use our litigation and mediation experience to help you achieve an outcome in your favor. Clients know that whatever their situations, our law firm will pursue the best outcome for their needs.

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If you are considering pursuing an uncontested divorce, we encourage you to speak with our attorneys in a consultation. Contact our Fort Worth office to arrange yours: Email us or call (817) 336-4444.