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Sad Child Parents on Beach in Background
Divorce and child custody battles often go hand and hand. If you’re getting a divorce (or never married but split up with your child’s other parent), who gets custody of the child in divorce is probably top of mind. You may also be wondering how to get primary custody, and how custody works in general. We’ll examine those divorce custody questions and others here. To...
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Supervised visitation isn’t the ideal way to parent a child but sometimes it’s necessary to help ensure a child’s physical and mental wellbeing. The most common reasons a Texas judge will order supervised visitation is when clear and convincing evidence shows a history of family violence, or a parent’s alcohol or drug abuse puts a child at risk. Some parties also request supervised visitation for...
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The word Trust
Our family law lawyers in Fort Worth TX recently handled a complex divorce where a multi-million dollar trust was at stake. That got us to thinking about how many people come to us, unsure how a certain trust will be affected by their divorce. One of the biggest misconceptions is that all trusts are ironclad, which isn’t always true. Here’s what your attorney (and you)...
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Couple arguing
The phrase “legal separation” is so common in American culture that it may shock you to hear that no such thing exists in Texas. That’s right, Texas doesn’t recognize legal separation, however, the state does offer legal remedies to accomplish similar goals. While we can’t tell you how to get a legal separation in Texas, we can explain the general difference between separation and divorce....
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Man removing a wedding ring
Couples who marry and want to legally cut ties generally have two options: annulment or divorce. What is an annulment and how is it different than divorce? When you hear annulments mentioned in films or on TV the subject is often raised as an easy solution to a marriage gone wrong. But in reality, how easy is it to annul a marriage and what are...
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Man and woman shaking hands
Here’s something we hear frequently at our Fort Worth family law firm: “My wife and I want an uncontested divorce. We agree on everything. She keeps the house, we’ll share custody 50/50, and we’ll keep our own retirement accounts. Can you help us finalize the paperwork?” If you both actually agree 100 percent, our divorce mediation lawyers would be happy to help. However—and this is...
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