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We get it. During child custody disputes, it can be soooooo tempting to speak poorly of the other parent. Both parents may want the child to think they are the better parent—but guess what? Parental alienation is not only damaging to the child, but it’s also likely to backfire on the parent guilty of such behavior. Before you say or do something you shouldn’t—or if...
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Sad child
Parental alienation, words or actions taken in an effort to turn one’s child against the child’s other parent, occurs much too often when couples split. If you’re struggling to “play nice” with your ex in the co-parenting department, think twice. Not only could your attempts at parental alienation negatively affect your possession and visitation rights, but your child will also pay the biggest price. Texas...
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Parents arguing in front of child
One of the most common questions parents ask our Fort Worth family law attorneys is, “How can I get a 50/50 possession schedule?” However, before digging into the HOW, it’s important to figure out IF a 50/50 possession schedule (often referred to as 50/50 custody or equal possession) makes sense for both parents, and most importantly, the child. If you want to find out if...
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When we ask clients why they want to get a divorce, “My spouse is a narcissist,” frequently comes up. While everyone accused of being a narcissist won’t be clinically diagnosed as such, narcissism does destroy relationships. If you’re married to someone with narcissistic traits—even if they only have a few— it could have a negative impact on your mental health, not to mention the health...
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In the early stages of divorce, people spend a lot of time focusing on the legal aspects of their case. Sure, it’s important to get things right from a legal perspective. However, it’s just as vital to prioritize self-care—activities that promote mental and physical health—during this time. Doing so can make it easier to navigate the divorce process, and we’ve got three simple, yet impactful...
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Prescription Pills
Alcohol and drug abuse are two of the most common reasons people get divorced. Even worse, along with substance abuse often comes infidelity, gambling problems, child neglect and physical and emotional abuse. While dealing with one or more of these issues, there’s one thing that many people fail to keep an eye on—their money—and that mistake can be a costly one. If you’re divorcing a...
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