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Man removing a wedding ring
Couples who marry and want to legally cut ties generally have two options: annulment or divorce. What is an annulment and how is it different than divorce? When you hear annulments mentioned in films or on TV the subject is often raised as an easy solution to a marriage gone wrong. But in reality, how easy is it to annul a marriage and what are...
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Man and woman shaking hands
Here’s something we hear frequently at our Fort Worth family law firm: “My wife and I want an uncontested divorce. We agree on everything. She keeps the house, we’ll share custody 50/50, and we’ll keep our own retirement accounts. Can you help us finalize the paperwork?” If you both actually agree 100 percent, our divorce mediation lawyers would be happy to help. However—and this is...
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Two rings over the words divorce
Women want to change their last names after divorce for various reasons. Some women simply prefer their maiden names to their married names, while others like the idea of changing their names to something entirely new. If you want a fresh start, changing your name after divorce can be a good first step toward the next phase of life. Check out common FAQs and our...
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Man at computer contemplating divorce
Before you hire a divorce lawyer, it’s critical to do a little comparison shopping first. How do you accomplish that goal? Interview multiple lawyers (2 or 3) to find an attorney who is a good fit for you—strategically, ethically and personality-wise. Here’s what to expect during an initial legal consultation at a family law firm like ours and how to prepare. Most reputable divorce attorneys...
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parents arguing
With the back-to-school season looming, parents are scrambling to arrange online schooling for their kids due to COVID-19. In recent weeks, many parents have asked us how child custody may be impacted if they allow their ex or a stepparent to monitor schooling. Other parents ask who gets to make decisions about homeschooling, changing schools or joining a tutoring co-op with friends. Are decisions about...
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Dr. Gina Galloway and Attorney Justin Sisemore
During a divorce, many parents are unsure of what information they should and should not share with their kids. Some parents say too much, while other parents say too little. Wondering what information is OK to share with your child during your divorce? What if you received an injunction prohibiting you from discussing divorce litigation? We asked the founder of the Sisemore Law Firm Justin...
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