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When we ask prospective clients why they want a divorce, alcohol and substance abuse frequently comes up. It’s also one of the most common reasons parents give our Fort Worth law firm when their goal is to limit the other parent’s child custody and visitation rights. If you are afraid of losing your kids OR want to protect your kids from an alcoholic or drug-addicted...
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Amicably co-parenting is a big challenge for many couples during and after divorce. When you add holidays into the mix—along with all the memories and traditions tied to them—emotions can really run high. Taking proactive steps early in the divorce process is key if you want to avoid holiday co-parenting drama and minimize stress for your children. The following three tips can help set the...
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Heart Tearing
“That’s grounds for divorce!” is a phrase most Americans are familiar with—whether it’s stated as a serious accusation or tossed out in jest. Yet, few people really know what grounds for divorce means or how it might affect their divorce settlement. Wondering how grounds for divorce might affect your Texas divorce? Here are four important things to consider. 1). Texas is a no-fault state when...
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Yes. Whether you are a stepmom hoping to adopt your spouse’s son, grandparents seeking to adopt a grandchild or a young couple bringing home a bundle of joy from overseas, hiring an adoption attorney in Texas is a must. Not only can an experienced adoption attorney help you properly navigate the legal ins and outs, he or she can also help simplify the adoption process...
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The Internet is bursting with information, and you’ll find plenty of how-to articles and videos on just about any topic—including divorce. Some people even turn to online divorce websites because they don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a divorce attorney. What they don’t realize—and some of our clients have found out—is that going the DIY divorce route could be a costly mistake. For...
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Collaborative divorce—sometimes referred to as “friendly divorce”—has been an option for Texans since 2001. The goal of collaborative divorce is to help couples work out their problems together, in good faith and outside of the courtroom. The collaborative process does work well for some couples, but it isn’t the best option for everyone. Wondering if the collaborative route is right for you? Read on to...
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