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Spouse abandon Texas Fort Worth Tarrant County Attorney
Back in the 1970s, Texas (and many other states) passed no-fault divorce laws, which means you no longer have to prove fault grounds if you want to get a divorce. You can still file for divorce based on fault grounds in Texas, but you also have the option to file based on no-fault grounds. As one of the four fault grounds in Texas, how might...
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Husband hiding money from wife
Divorce brings out the worst in the best people. On occasion, it can even drive angry spouses to be less than forthcoming about certain assets that belong to their community estate. However, it’s never a good idea to deliberately hide, divert or misrepresent assets because the penalty for hiding assets in divorce can be quite severe. As a divorce attorney, I see people do crazy...
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Woman arguing with her partner, stressed
Researchers have studied the psychological effects of divorce for decades. While everyone copes with divorce in their own unique way, there is no question that going through a divorce is one of life’s most emotionally taxing experiences. Today’s highly polarized society has further intensified family conflicts and the emotional impact of divorce. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to better manage divorce and mental...
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For many couples, buying a home counts as one of the most significant milestones of married life. The family home also qualifies as one of the biggest assets in many marital estates, which means any equity in that home may be subject to division upon divorce. Since Texas is a community property state that also recognizes separate property, these bought-the-house-before-marriage divorce situations can get complicated....
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Waiver papers with gavel
There are two types of divorce waivers of service in Texas (also referred to as a waiver of citation): a Specific Waiver of Service and a Global Waiver of Service. You must file your petition for divorce before you can submit a waiver of service to your spouse. By filing a signed Specific or Global waiver with the court, the respondent acknowledges receipt of the...
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Divorce Decree document with Gavel
Whether you believe a mistake was made in your original divorce case or a party to your divorce is dealing with a substantial change in circumstances years later, you may be able to take steps to amend divorce decree orders. The Texas Family Code sets forth strict guidelines regarding the modification of divorce decree provisions, like spousal support, child support and child custody, so it’s...
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