Why Children Resist Visitation After Divorce (Ep.10)

Maximize Asset Division During Divorce (Ep.9)

Dividing assets during divorce sounds easy on paper. Just split everything 50/50. The reality is much more complicated. In this episode, Justin Sisemore and Andrea Jones dive into the division of assets during divorce and what factors can impact the decision. They share tips for maximizing opportunities outside of the courtroom and the importance of […]

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Texas Style Family Court (Ep.8)

During custody battles, both parents often want sole custody of the children. But is that what’s best? In this episode, Justin Sisemore and Andrea Jones discuss the Texas rules and regulations surrounding custody battles. They share personal and professional stories of custody battles, how Justin advises clients attempting to get sole custody and Andrea’s viewpoint […]

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The Key Stages of the Divorce Process (Ep.6)

Marriage requires a lot of collaboration…financially and emotionally to create a good family structure and dynamic. Oftentimes, when a couple separates, it can be hard to re-build this structure. In this episode, Justin Sisemore discusses some of the key steps within the divorce process and highlights the value each step can provide to you when […]

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The Business of Divorce (Ep. 4)

Sometimes, it is hard to put a label on things like your job title and what field your business is in. Justin Sisemore and Sisemore Law Firm have experienced this trouble before. In this episode, Justin, Andrea, and Mary discuss how to curate your business to best showcase your skills to find your most ideal […]

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High-Conflict Divorce: Here’s What To Expect (Ep. 3)

When a couple is going through a divorce or separation they can sometimes lose sight of the needs of their children.  However, for a successful co-parenting, both parents must agree to consider their children’s position and mental health needs.  In this episode, Justin Sisemore, Andrea Jones, and Mary Maloney discuss the landscape of co-parenting and […]

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Get to Know Justin Sisemore, Sisemore Law Firm (Ep. 1)

In this inaugural episode, Justin highlights the key characteristics of Sisemore Law Firm and defines the innovative approaches he uses within his law firm. He highlights the foundations of the firm, including their outstanding team, holistic approach, and the relationships they build with their clients in times of distress. Justin Sisemore discusses: What attracted him […]

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Contempt of court in divorce
January 30, 2023
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How do step-parent rights in joint custody work in Texas?
January 23, 2023
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How to Help Your Child Accept a New Relationship
January 16, 2023

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