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Dealing with False and Real Abuse Accusations in Co-Parenting (Ep. 25)

Are you facing challenges with co-parenting amidst divorce? Do you fear for your child’s safety due to the other parent’s behavior or have you been falsely accused of abuse? Listen in as attorney Justin Sisemore and entrepreneur Andrea Jones delve into the legal steps parents can take to ensure their child’s well-being when dealing with […]

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The Truth About “Divorce Month” (Ep. 24)

The media calls January “divorce month” because more divorces get filed in the new year. Before it reaches a courtroom, what steps can you take? In this episode, Justin Sisemore and Andrea Jones explore the steps before divorce court, touching on the signs of a failing marriage and the importance of seeking professional advice. They discuss […]

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Behaving with Respect and Compassion During Divorce (Ep. 23)

Divorce proceedings are more than just legal transactions. During a divorce, how you interact with those around you could impact the result of your divorce proceedings. From first impressions with your potential attorney to how you communicate with your former partner, everything is connected to the final decision. In this episode, Justin Sisemore and Andrea […]

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Navigating Co-Parenting During The Holidays (Ep. 22)

Holiday co-parenting can be a minefield of holiday traditions, vacation plans, and custody schedules. What should divorced couples, and new step-parents, be aware of to make the holidays as smooth for the children as possible? In this episode, Justin Sisemore and Andrea Jones discuss holiday co-parenting in family law matters. They share valuable co-parenting tips […]

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Dealing With Narcissism In Divorce (Ep. 21)

Are you co-parenting with someone you believe has narcissistic tendencies? Or perhaps starting a divorce and want to bring up possible narcissism in the other party?  Justin Sisemore and Andrea Jones explore how a diagnosis of narcissism can influence a divorce or co-parenting strategies – especially an early diagnosis. The break down the difference between […]

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Protecting Children: Co-Parenting, Privatization, and Child Safety (Ep. 20)

Please be advised the following content discusses child abuse. Some of the information discussed comes from third-party hearsay and may not be completely accurate. In August of 2023, video bloggers Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt were arrested on several accounts of aggravated child abuse. Knowing what to look for could help children in similar situations. […]

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Understanding The Impact Of Actions During Divorce (Ep. 19)

Are you thinking about filing for divorce? How will the divorce impact your emotional well-being along with your relationships? And how can you avoid making mistakes with huge repercussions? In this episode, Justin Sisemore and Andrea Jones focus on some of the common mistakes they have seen people make during and before divorce proceedings. They […]

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Ensuring Equal Parenting Rights as a Father during Custody Agreements (Ep. 17)

When women were the primary caregiver for their children, courts tended to favour them when dealing with divorce and custody arrangements. Today, many families split both parenting and work. In this episode, Justin Sisemore and Andrea Jones dive into the father’s rights regarding child custody. They focus on how custody proceedings have changed and what […]

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How Third-Party Possession and Custody Requests Are Handled (Ep. 16)

Gaining custody of a child as a third party may be in the child’s best interest, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy to attain. Even grandparents and close relatives have limitations to gaining custody.  In this episode, Justin Sisemore and Andrea Jones discuss third-party custody requests and the process behind them in Texas. […]

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