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Members of the military follow the same laws as civilians when it comes to divorce and other family law issues, but the presence of issues such as deployments and retirement benefits make it crucial for military members and their families to have an experienced family law attorney on their side.

At Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., our Fort Worth military divorce lawyers handle these issues with great sensitivity and provide our military clients with representation tailored to their unique circumstances. While we strive to find amicable solutions to the issues our clients face, we also recognize the need to be aggressive in some situations to serve their interests and have a successful trial record.

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Children’s Issues In Military Family Law

If you or your spouse is serving in the military in the United States or abroad, the most critical issues you will face are involving your children. It is important for child custody arrangements in a military divorce to take factors into account such as travel, deployment and relocation. Just as we do for civilians, we focus on making sure that any outcome represents the best interests of children and respects the rights of each parent.

Military Retirement Pay

A number of factors, primarily the length of the marriage and the length of military duty, will be taken into consideration when dividing military retirement benefits. There are complex issues that must be handled correctly upfront to avoid complications in the future that may be irreversible. We have the experience to ensure your rights are protected and that you receive your fair share of military retirement pay and other benefits.

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