“Thank you so much to you and your team for helping with my case. When we met, I hoped to never require your services, but I am so glad you were there when I needed them. You already know how amazing your staff is and now I do too. Thanks to your hard work and dedication my daughter will have so many opportunities I was unable to provide on my own; one of which is the college savings I began for her. Thank you so much for being there.”

client testimonial
  • I’m a bit tardy but I can’t thank you enough for representing my brother so well in his divorce. I know better than anyone what a tough client he is! And I really appreciate the bottle of Dom you sent over for Christmas, which I can now open to celebrate Craig and your new child!

  • Ashley – Just a note to thank you for the work you put in our case to organize and present documents during our trial. The volume was insane and I know you had to fully implement the Dewey Decimal System for cataloguing it all!

  • Dear Justin – A special thank you. Thank you for your accessibility, concern, and assistance. This is the second time that you have extended yourself to me. Your mother raised you right. You have a great heart. Extend a Happy Birthday to your mother for me. Again, thank you. Our case is in good hands.

client testimonial

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your hard work on my behalf and tell you and Robin how very much I appreciate both of you.”

“Thank you so much Justin for all of your hard work during Clay’s case. We can’t tell you just how pleased we are with the outcome. Your knowledge and experience really shows in the way that you handle your cases. Your work is outstanding and with Robin by your side assisting you compliments the work that you do. We are so happy that JaQuelyn is back in Fort Worth to stay and he is equally pleased. This would not have been possible without your help.”

  • Thanks for fighting for me and the boys. Without you we may not have been able to stay in the house. That is a gift of a lifetime to my boys.

  • Dear Sisemore Team – Thank you for all that you did for me. I couldn’t have done it so smoothly. Justin you were awesome. I really needed your strength to get through it.

  • Dear Justin – I just wanted to thank you so much for the representation you gave us at the trial for Melody. You did an excellent job of proving our case and our side. The justice system is somewhat a roll of the dice. Although we didn’t get everything we wanted, I do feel like we made our mark and you laid a pathway for Melody that her father has to get it together or deal with his own consequences.

Thank you for working your magic to hold mediation last week. Your aggressiveness has helped me close the door on this experience and move on with my life. The lot went on the market this weekend. The end is in sight!”

client testimonial

“I am currently in the process, so I cannot attest to actual outcomes. BUT I can absolutely convey the care & attention to their Preparation Process. The Firm as a whole has been welcoming, kind, thoughtful, & aggressive in their approach FOR YOU. Erica Acuna has been an absolute God-send, particularly for someone like me (disabled). She is a Paralegal who has held my hand, left breadcrumbs, & patiently guides me through the process. My attorneys are busy fighting for me… while Erica provides the utmost care, attention to detail, answers endless questions, & explains anything – without pause or making me feel “rushed”. My attorneys & Erica are definitely trying their damnedest to make a scary, upsetting event as painless as humanly possible. I look forward to continuing my relationship with them & trusting in their guidance.”

  • Robin – You are an angel. Thank you for always being so nice to me and for helping me whenever I called on you and the guys. I appreciate your sweet spirit and kindness.

  • Justin – Thank you for all your hard work on my case. Your staff were a joy to work with. I really know you had my back when I was willing to give up.

  • Justin and Associates – Thank you for the time and effort you have put into my case. Word can not express how your legal representation has brought us peace of mind and joy to our lives.

“Thank you so much for being guest speaker for my Family Business course. You were a GREAT value add! The students really appreciated your insights on business as well as the the life advice. You definitely get the award for most words-per-minute PLUS the best dressed this semester. Thanks again – you were GREAT!”

Suzanne, TCU Law Professor