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Client Testimonials

  • Justin Sizemore represented me 12 years ago when I was just 17 years old. I was racked with anxiety and had a lot of stress related feelings/issues dealing with the whole situation. I received a favorable result and was spoken to directly as to what would be expected from me during the process. My life, and my son’s, would be very different today if I had not utilized this firm. This was a word-of-mouth referral from the gym that I am glad I pursued. I consider myself lucky…

    Kyle Connell
  • Thank you. From bottom of my heart. You did a phenomenal job today. You took control of that court room and showed all the discrepancies. I was so proud to have you on my side. You are a fantastic lawyer and thank you for putting up with me and my family. 


“Samantha, I can’t thank you enough for your expertise, guidance and realistic expectations through this heartbreaking and difficult process. You are brilliant and absolutely beautiful inside and out. I feel I came as a client and left as a friend.

Grateful for you.”

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Client Testimonials

  • My estranged husband and his lawyer filed for divorce months before I was actually served. I had to find a lawyer very quickly. I’m military and had to find someone who could work with me being out of town and my busy military schedule. This law firm exceeded all of my expectations. my questions and emails were always answered. I was given an expenses list before I signed the contract or gave a retainer. Their prices are about what one would expect from a divorce lawyer and I wouldn’t want anyone representing me that was too cheap or too expensive. Once they took on my case, they worked tirelessly for me. My ex-husband and his lawyer were extremely uncooperative and wouldn’t answer phone calls or emails from my lawyers but they worked around them until finally I was granted my divorce on my terms. I was initially represented my Zoe Meigs, who was very good at what she did and very passionate about my case. She later retired and Samantha Wommack took over. She is a hard charger! Within a month of her taking over my case, she had gotten my ex to agree to a final divorce agreement and prevented us from having to go to court for a final trial. I couldn’t have asked for better representation.

    Jinnerferthetruth Tsk
  • When I first arrived at Sisemore Law Firm, I was very frightened and still feeling stunned that my husband of 25 years had announced that he was leaving me. I had no idea what to do or how to do it. I had reached out to a friend who gave me the phone number to Sisemore Law Firm. From the second I walked in, I was greeted warmly and made to feel safe. Justin met with me and made sure he understood my situation. Pam Wilder handled my case and kept me informed every step of the way. Never be fooled by her size. Big things come in small packages, and this was apparent in court. The opposing counsel had no idea what he was in for. Pam made sure that I felt as though I had been “heard” on every issue. She represented me better than anyone on earth could possibly have done. Her attention to detail is commendable, and so is her manner when she was speaking to me. She had a big job to do, but also had to be sensitive to my feelings as I was working through traumatic issues. Renee was also an invaluable member of our team. Renee was the person I would talk to first. She was always very reassuring and made sure all my many questions were answered. I am very thankful that my friend referred me to the Sisemore Law Firm.

    Audrey J.
  • Curran and Justin are just fantastic. They care about their clients, and they take their time to answer any questions you have. I wouldn’t go to any other law firm in Fort Worth. When I walked in their door, I was stressed about how I was going to handle a custody situation, and once I spoke with them and gave them the information, my mind was at ease knowing that I had them working for me.

    Tricia Bradford
  • From initial contact to completion of my case to today my interactions with Sisemore Law Firm have been above and beyond the industry standards. In a very personal time they are kind, understanding, communicative, and straight forward with you throughout the entire process. They helped me understand the process, set realistic expectations, and fought for what was best for me. I highly recommend Sisemore Law Firm for anyone looking for family law services.

    Kelsea Karol
  • I appreciate that Mr. Sisemore and Mrs. Womack really listened to my concerns/needs and gave me open and honest feedback. My case(s) were handle efficiently which help to keep the fees reasonable. I have used Sisemore Law Firm twice and was very pleased with the results. Last but not least, I also want to mention that Sisemore’s support staff is exceptional. Shout out to paralegal Ms. Tiffany!!! You are AWESOME!

    Tonia Pickett
  • The Sisemore law firm helped me at the lowest point in my life. They stood as advocates, protecting both myself and my children. I cannot thank them enough for how they helped fix a situation that seemed unfixable. All the glory to God, but all thanks for those He chose to help. Love the Sisemore team.

    Jonathon Scarborough
  • Justin and Samantha’s knowledge of family law, their wisdom and advice is why they are the perfect team! Being in the family court system is extremely intimidating and can be overwhelming. Justin always sees the big picture and has been an encouragement and someone I can trust with legal advice. Samantha has always responded promptly with exactly the help I’ve needed. When stressed out about my case, I always feel I’m in good hands and making the right decisions with the two of them.

    Kadee Sweeney
  • I worked with Curran Skinner in Fort Worth and couldn’t be more grateful to her and the firm for walking me through the divorce process. Their representation and council was outstanding and allowed me to complete the divorce process feeling both relieved and so well taken care of. Their attentiveness to my case was always 100%, which meant the world considering this was not a case with many assets involved.

    Maggie Judd
  • The Sisemore Law Firm is THE firm you need in order to come out of a difficult divorce situation, on top. Pam Wilder works hard to provide the very best care & counsel for your needs. She takes time to listen to you, then she explains your options and what is worth working toward for your family’s best interest. She is indeed your best advocate for you and your family’s future. Renee, is fabulous at answering questions and taking your needs to heart, so that your case is well documented and organized. Carrie answers your calls immediately with prompt attention and care. She is your first point of contact at the Sisemore Office and she directs your questions and needs with knowledge and efficiency. Justin will put you at ease, as you will have the blessing of meeting with him first to discuss your case. He will assign your unique case to the attorney who will best provide you with the care and counsel you need. Together, The Sisemore Law Firm is the very best. You will be well cared for and at peace, when you secure the excellent services of The Sisemore Law Firm. They are first-rate in working to achieve all of your family’s needs.

    Krista Miller
  • Ms. Wilder had represented me before when with a different firm several years ago. I was so impressed with her professionalism (then) that I contacted her when I needed representation again. She is always prepared, kept me informed, she’s a valued member of your firm. I can’t possibly say enough great things about her, or how she helped me when I needed it. I’m beyond thankful for her efforts.

    Carlos Serda
  • I have had a bad taste in my mouth about attorneys until this law firm. Samantha was super responsive and did everything in her power to get my case settled. This was the first law firm that made me feel like they actually cared about me and not just money. I would 100% recommend them for anyone going through a divorce or custody case.

    Jessica Fratt
  • I had procured services from Sisemore Law Firm and could not have been more pleased! The firm placed me with Jerold and he was single handedly the best attorney I have had. He immediately got to work and kept me up to speed at all times. He made it very easy to contact him if necessary and even if he was busy he would always call and check on the situation immediately after he was out of court. The most important thing is, he really cares about the children and the family in every situation! Coming in the secretary staff make you feel so welcome and at home as well. Great firm and will definitely use them again in the future!

    Michael Horn
  • Jerold exceeded my expectations and then some. He has made my extremely stressful and mentally tough process easier to manage. Jerold and the entire staff at Sisemore Law Firm are quick to respond at any time of the day or night, and I’ve always received the information and expertise I need to make an informed decision. Jerold is realistic and doesn’t beat around the bush. He fights tirelessly for his clients and genuinely cares about the families he represents. He wastes no time – he ensured my case progressed timely but never pressured me to do anything I wasn’t ready for. Jerold is professional, he respects his clients, and he treats you like a friend. Jerold and the entire staff at Sisemore brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my case and helped ensure the best possible outcome for me and my family. The experience was second to none. I highly recommend Jerold and the Sisemore law firm for any and all of your family law needs.

    Jonathan Cole
  • I found Sisemore Law Firm through a FB group and I’m so glad I did! This group is SO NICE and we’re very pleased with the level of service we received regarding our case(s). Jerold took all the worry from us and handled everything the way we wanted. We were very fortunate to have Jerold handle our case(s).

    Stacy Potts
  • This firm handled my divorce very professional during the covid pandemic, they stood firm and didn’t let the other side run the show, all the way to the finale day If I didn’t understand something they took the time to explain the legal terms and what it meant in layman’s terms I always felt stronger then my spouse attorney. And always felt like I had the best firm in the metroplex.

    Earnest Thomas
  • Sisemore law firm was easily the best experience I’ve had when having to hire an attorney. More specifically Jerold Mitchel went over and beyond to help me, as a single Dad, in TEXAS, win custody of my 3 year old daughter. He worked with me when it came to payments and their paralegals stay on top of your case and keep you in the loop. These lawyers turn heads when they walk in the court room. God willing I don’t need to court again but if I do, I’ll be using Sisemore law firm from here on out.

    Ashraf Siam
  • This is the Law Firm to have, they not only make you their priority but also go the extra mile to their clients. I can’t count the times that Jerold Mitchell gave me the mentorship I needed in all matters of my divorce. This firm is very professional and passionate about their clientele. I recommend them to anyone looking for a family law attorney. It’s not just the money well spent, it’s the professional treatment and grace they provide to all the information that you need. They are amazing to say the least. Justin Sisemore (the owner) gave a personal conference call to my family and assured them I’m in good hands. Given that not many Lawyers will go this far, they have earned the respect of the community and that of veterans across Dallas/FT Worth area. Me being a Veteran myself, they were able to assist me even during the COVID-19 restrictions and ensure that my case didn’t get postponed for a prolonged period of time. AMAZING LAWYERS!!!!

    Jose Luis Julia Diaz
  • Justin and his team remembered my very difficult case from 6 years ago and came to my defense with strong, reasonable and realistic goals. They understood my priorities and repeated them back to me clarifying what they thought were missteps in my approach in a way I could understand. High conflict divorce sucks. This team has made it suck less.

    Chuck Huber
  • Samantha and Justin are an incredible team! I have found them to be honest, fair and sincere in helping solve the issues related to a bitter divorce. I feel heard. I feel important to them. I don’t feel they are trying to bill me with unnecessary hours. They are incredibly prompt when returning phone calls or emails. I highly recommend them. You won’t be disappointed.

    Barb Stephens
  • Couldn’t have asked for more thoroughness, responsiveness, and knowledgeability.

    Atif Haque
  • They are the best divorce attorneys in Fort Worth. Justin and Samantha are both very smart and they are also very good people. Samantha got my divorce done when it needed to be done and she did not back down. I highly recommend this firm.

    Lynn Clinkscale
  • Very professional and they simply keep driving for resolution.

    Adam Sullivan
  • I have had 4 consultations and as the saying goes you get what you pay for! I left the phone call feeling confident that your firm can help me with my case and I look forward to doing business with Sisemore Law Firm. Reading over your website really backed my first impression of the Firm. Thank you! 🙂

    Brieanna Lopez
  • I feel like I was understood . Justin was very blunt , we had a break through moment and I knew immediately I could trust my future with him .

    Whitney Curry
  • Highest of praises for this law firm! Mr.Sisemore and Mrs. Womack were by my side for over 9 years helping me fight for my family. Thank you for all you have done. Thankfully its over now and I hope to never see you again! I wish you all the best.

    Norma Villarreal
  • My current associate lawyer is great at communicating and making me aware if all my choices.

    Mari Brown

“Thank you so much to you and your team for helping with my case. When we met, I hoped to never require your services, but I am so glad you were there when I needed them. You already know how amazing your staff is and now I do too. Thanks to your hard work and dedication my daughter will have so many opportunities I was unable to provide on my own; one of which is the college savings I began for her. Thank you so much for being there.”

client testimonial
  • I’m a bit tardy but I can’t thank you enough for representing my brother so well in his divorce. I know better than anyone what a tough client he is! And I really appreciate the bottle of Dom you sent over for Christmas, which I can now open to celebrate Craig and your new child!

  • Ashley – Just a note to thank you for the work you put in our case to organize and present documents during our trial. The volume was insane and I know you had to fully implement the Dewey Decimal System for cataloguing it all!

  • Dear Justin – A special thank you. Thank you for your accessibility, concern, and assistance. This is the second time that you have extended yourself to me. Your mother raised you right. You have a great heart. Extend a Happy Birthday to your mother for me. Again, thank you. Our case is in good hands.

client testimonial

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your hard work on my behalf and tell you and Robin how very much I appreciate both of you.”

“Thank you so much Justin for all of your hard work during Clay’s case. We can’t tell you just how pleased we are with the outcome. Your knowledge and experience really shows in the way that you handle your cases. Your work is outstanding and with Robin by your side assisting you compliments the work that you do. We are so happy that JaQuelyn is back in Fort Worth to stay and he is equally pleased. This would not have been possible without your help.”

  • Thanks for fighting for me and the boys. Without you we may not have been able to stay in the house. That is a gift of a lifetime to my boys.

  • Dear Sisemore Team – Thank you for all that you did for me. I couldn’t have done it so smoothly. Justin you were awesome. I really needed your strength to get through it.

  • Dear Justin – I just wanted to thank you so much for the representation you gave us at the trial for Melody. You did an excellent job of proving our case and our side. The justice system is somewhat a roll of the dice. Although we didn’t get everything we wanted, I do feel like we made our mark and you laid a pathway for Melody that her father has to get it together or deal with his own consequences.

Thank you for working your magic to hold mediation last week. Your aggressiveness has helped me close the door on this experience and move on with my life. The lot went on the market this weekend. The end is in sight!”

client testimonial

“I am currently in the process, so I cannot attest to actual outcomes. BUT I can absolutely convey the care & attention to their Preparation Process. The Firm as a whole has been welcoming, kind, thoughtful, & aggressive in their approach FOR YOU. Erica Acuna has been an absolute God-send, particularly for someone like me (disabled). She is a Paralegal who has held my hand, left breadcrumbs, & patiently guides me through the process. My attorneys are busy fighting for me… while Erica provides the utmost care, attention to detail, answers endless questions, & explains anything – without pause or making me feel “rushed”. My attorneys & Erica are definitely trying their damnedest to make a scary, upsetting event as painless as humanly possible. I look forward to continuing my relationship with them & trusting in their guidance.”

  • Robin – You are an angel. Thank you for always being so nice to me and for helping me whenever I called on you and the guys. I appreciate your sweet spirit and kindness.

  • Justin – Thank you for all your hard work on my case. Your staff were a joy to work with. I really know you had my back when I was willing to give up.

  • Justin and Associates – Thank you for the time and effort you have put into my case. Word can not express how your legal representation has brought us peace of mind and joy to our lives.

“Thank you so much for being guest speaker for my Family Business course. You were a GREAT value add! The students really appreciated your insights on business as well as the the life advice. You definitely get the award for most words-per-minute PLUS the best dressed this semester. Thanks again – you were GREAT!”

Suzanne, TCU Law Professor