High Net Worth Divorce

When one or both spouses earn a substantial income and the couple owns multiple properties, assets or other significant financial interests, their divorce proceedings could become complicated without experienced legal representation. As a result, high net worth individuals need a divorce attorney in Fort Worth with not only the legal knowledge and experience to protect vital interests, but also the ability to handle their case with utmost professionalism and discretion.

At Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., this is precisely what individuals in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex can expect. High asset divorce attorney Justin Sisemore and his team bring a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of complex family law issues to every case handled by our high net worth divorce law firm. Just as important, the firm’s legal team offers decades of experience handling the unique concerns of clients during a high net worth divorce.

Individuals who retain the firm’s services can expect a high degree of individual attention and a firm commitment to securing the best financial outcome during a high asset divorce or separation. The Sisemore Law Firm also employs a robust and diverse team of attorneys, paralegals and support staff who are knowledgeable in the many intricacies related to high net worth divorce Texas-style.

Experienced Texas attorneys handling high-income divorce In the Metroplex

Essential to any HNW divorce involving one or more high net worth individuals is a thorough understanding of the complex property division, alimony, spousal support and  child support issues that may arise.

Our high net worth divorce lawyers take into account the various investments, property, income and compensation that often factor into divorces involving diverse assets, such as:

  • Multiple residences, including vacation homes, ranches and investment properties.
  • Executive compensation and retirement packages.
  • Restricted stocks.
  • Business interests and professional practices.
  • Trusts and more.

The firm engages with financial experts—and enlists the expertise of forensic accountants, business valuation experts and other professionals—to ensure we have an accurate picture of the client’s estate. Our team can also evaluate the effect of an existing pre- or postnuptial agreement on divorce proceedings. Regardless of the complexities that arise, we remain focused on finding the best resolutions for our clients until their divorce is finalized.

High net worth divorce doesn’t need to be complicated

Over the years, our high net worth divorce law firm has found that divorces involving considerable assets don’t need to be highly complex. In fact, many of the ultra-high net worth divorce cases our firm handles end up being the easiest and  simplest divorces to resolve.

Organization and preparation play a key role in streamlining any divorce, which is something our firm prides itself on. At the outset and throughout the course of a high asset divorce, our team works diligently to organize all documents, evidence and other information related to the estate in order to develop an accurate inventory of the couple’s community and separate assets.

Texas is a community property state, which means any property acquired from the date of marriage through the date of divorce is subject to fair and equitable division upon divorce. Our team also verifies which assets qualify as separate property, so those items remain with the original owners following divorce.

It’s also essential that high net worth clients be forthcoming about facts and evidence pertaining to their divorce. As our firm prepares for mediation or litigation, we establish that actual inventories match up with information revealed in discovery and work tirelessly to put those puzzle pieces together.

Should we uncover any deficiencies in bank statements or credit card statements or see money flying out of shared accounts, we’ll take action. If one party primarily controls a mutually owned business (while the other party has limited information about it) and starts paying off business debt throughout the course of the divorce, we dig into those details and piece together the who, what, where, when and why, so we can address any improprieties.

The Sisemore Law Firm only engages respected experts to verify the value of high net worth estates

If you need to hire a high asset divorce lawyer, it’s important to engage an attorney with access to reputable experts in your area. Our firm maintains long-standing relationships with the knowledgeable experts you need to properly trace and value the assets in your estate. We only work with a select pool of experts—those whose opinions are highly respected by local judges and the legal community.

What type of experts do you need during a high net worth divorce? The third-party experts we call upon for your case may include:

  • Tracing experts to determine which assets are community property and separate property.
  • Valuation experts to determine the value of business entities.
  • Real estate experts to determine the value of real estate (including such assets that may be found inside business entities).
  • Discovery experts to verify assets claimed in discovery documents. In some cases, the court will appoint an expert known as a master of chancery or receiver to track and verify discovery information when one party refuses or is unable to provide required documentation or evidence to support discovery.
  • Special experts who help with the valuation of unique or unusual assets like works of art, collectibles, antiques, livestock, exotic pets, etc.
  • Mental health experts to provide an objective opinion regarding child custody issues or allegations of a psychological nature.

Our top divorce attorneys in Fort Worth also make it a priority to hire third-party experts as early as possible when preparing for a high-income divorce. You don’t want the opposing side to retain a valuation expert and not have a controverting expert ready to go in the event you disagree with a valuation.

Few qualified, reputable experts offer their services in the communities the Sisemore Law Firm serves, so our team wants to ensure we engage with the required experts before opposing counsel does.

That being said, our firm makes a point to utilize resources responsibly in order to minimize fees paid by the marital estate. If both sides are in agreement about an expert, we both trust that expert and clients are forthcoming with information, we might share an expert. Those are decisions that have to be made on a case-by-case basis.

When it comes to the financial element of high asset divorce, we always encourage clients to retain their own financial advisor to represent their individual best interests. The firm maintains relationships with several respected financial advisors in the Metroplex and can provide recommendations. In addition, the firm also works with local bankers, should a client need to arrange for short-term lending in the midst of a divorce.

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