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Divorce is never an easy process to endure. With the proper legal representation, however, you can navigate the complex issues with less confusion and greater confidence as you begin the next chapter of your life.

At Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., Tarrant County divorce lawyer  Justin Sisemore focuses on providing high-quality counsel to clients in the Fort Worth (2007-2016) area who are facing divorce. Our lawyers have significant experience handling both simple and complex divorce While our specific tactics may change in every case, what remains constant is our commitment to providing aggressive yet sympathetic guidance to our clients when they need it most.

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Filing for Divorce In Texas: The Basics

The divorce process in Texas begins when one spouse files an Original Petition for Divorce. Following a standard waiting period of 60 days, the divorce can become finalized pending resolution of any contested matters.

Although legal separation does not officially exist in Texas, married and unmarried couples with children or joint assets have options for securing their rights in the event of a separation that does not result in divorce.

Finally, there are several scenarios under which one spouse may be eligible to seek an annulment to a marriage. If you are seeking to divorce your spouse, we can determine whether you are eligible for an annulment.

Depending on your financial situation, the assets you and your spouse hold, and whether or not you have children, we can assist you in finalizing a divorce through one of several ways:

Each of these methods offers different benefits and disadvantages, so it is important to speak with a lawyer to determine how best to protect your legal rights.

Visit our divorce resources page for answers to some frequently asked divorce related questions.

Complex Divorce Cases

Our Tarrant County law firm has the experience to handle the most complex divorce scenarios, including high net worth divorce and divorce for business executives. Regardless of our clients’ circumstances, however, we provide superior representation committed to treating them with dignity and respect.

Our divorce lawyers regularly resolve disputes relating to the following matters: