Education/Daycare Expenses And Child Support

Raising a child can be very expensive, and child support is designed to make sure that parents are contributing financially to the lives of their children and providing the resources necessary to protect their well-being. Child support goes beyond covering bare necessities such as housing and food. Education and daycare expenses are also covered by child support.

In any child support matter, Texas’ statutory guidelines for child support will be used to examine factors — primarily the income of each parent — and arrive at a child support arrangement that makes sense.

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How We Can Help With Support Matters

If you have primary physical custody and are receiving child support, we can work to make sure that the guidelines have been properly followed and that all income is accounted for in order to maximize support.

Are you paying child support? We can help you make sure that your circumstances justify the support you are being asked to pay. For example, if your income was higher in the year support was originally determined due to cashing in stock or a one-time bonus, we can help you achieve a child support agreement that is based on your recurring income rather than that short-term spike in income.

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