Fort Worth Protective Order Attorneys

One of the most challenging areas of family law is the issuance of protective orders. Violence in a family setting takes a heavy toll on the victims, and allegations of violence against someone carry consequences as well. The stakes are even greater when children are involved.

Protecting Our Clients and Their Children

Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., handles these cases with sensitivity to the seriousness of domestic violence situations and the effects that protective orders can have on all parties involved. At the same time, our family law attorneys in Fort Worth are aggressive in working to protect our clients’ rights in the legal system.

A Fort Worth domestic violence lawyer from our firm can help you whether you are seeking to obtain or challenge a protective order. We represent clients in the context of divorce proceedings as well as other circumstances involving family violence. Call our Fort Worth office at (817) 336-4444 to speak with a domestic violence attorney Fort Worth TX about your situation.

Fort Worth Attorneys Handling Cases Involving Restraining Orders, Domestic Violence, and Child Custody

If you have been the victim of domestic violence, we can assist you in filing an application for a protective order from your abusive spouse or partner. Courts will typically schedule a hearing to determine whether to issue an order within 14 days of the application. If you are in extreme danger, contact our firm as soon as possible; you may be able to obtain a temporary, emergency order until the date of the hearing.

During the court hearing, both sides will have the opportunity to tell their story before a judge issues a final order. A Fort Worth domestic violence lawyer from our firm will be present with you during this important hearing and help you prepare to speak in court.

A protective order can result in severe limitations to a defendant’s freedom, restricting where he or she can live and travel, and even contact with his or her children. Because the stakes are so high in these cases, we are committed to giving our clients the highest quality legal representation.

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If you need a domestic violence attorney Fort Worth TX, we are here to be your legal guide during this difficult time. Arrange a consultation to discuss your legal options for addressing family violence by calling our Fort Worth office at (817) 336-4444, or email us.