Co-parenting: How to Keep The Kids’ Interest in Mind (Ep. 2)

When a couple is going through with a divorce or separation they can sometimes lose sight of the needs of their children. 

However, for a successful co-parenting situation, both parents need to agree to consider their children’s position and their mental health needs. 

In this episode, Justin Sisemore, Andrea Jones, and Mary Maloney discuss the landscape of co-parenting and where some parents go wrong. Justin, Andrea and Mary strive to educate you about what a healthy co-parenting environment looks like and how to keep your kids in mind when navigating this time in your life.

Justin, Andrea, and Mary discuss:

  • The importance of healthy co-parenting and what that entails  
  • The impact of poor co-parenting and how it can impact the child’s growth and development
  • How to navigate which parent makes what decisions for the child and how each decision must always put the child’s mental health first
  • How to avoid burdening a child with emotional stress during a divorce – the importance of not placing a child in the middle of the separation and making them ‘choose sides’
  • And more!