Creative Child Custody Schedules in Texas

Child custody is a rapidly evolving area of family law, with courts working to recognize the ways that today's families differ from those of the past. Now, with many households having two working parents and children with busy schedules, it is often necessary to think outside the box when it comes to determining child custody during a divorce.

Sisemore Law Firm, P.C., is a firm that handles child custody issues in Texas. Our firm recognizes the need for parents to be able to work together to do what is in their children's best interests. At the same time, we work for our clients and do whatever necessary to ensure that their parental rights are protected. We believe that these interests do not have to compete with each other. When parents are willing to work together, everyone wins.

Protecting The Rights Of Parents With Non-Traditional Work Schedules

Creative child custody schedules are often attractive for families where one or both parents are in a field that requires nontraditional work schedules. These include:

  • Public safety and other first responders officials
    • Police officers
    • Paramedics
    • Firefighters
  • Utility workers
  • Oil workers
  • First responders

For these workers, rigid time-sharing rules are unlikely to be feasible. That is why our attorneys work to develop plans that reflect the reality of a family's busy schedules. These child custody agreements/arrangements can take into account limitations imposed by the parents' work requirements as well as the needs of the children. We help our clients protect their parental interests while also doing what is best for their children and — whenever possible — maintaining amicable ties with their former spouse.

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