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One-on-one, individualized legal advice 

If you want to find a family law attorney who best fits for your needs, a one-on-one, client-attorney conversation is essential. At the Sisemore Law Firm, all prospective clients speak directly with one of our attorneys during the initial consultation. In fact, the vast majority meet with the firm’s founder Justin Sisemore, who is rated one of the three best divorce lawyers in Fort Worth.

Understanding the “big picture”

You may be wondering, “What can I expect during a preliminary consultation with a divorce lawyer?”

At Sisemore Law Firm, we want to make sure prospective clients really understand the big picture as it pertains to their divorce, child custody, modification or other family law matter. We closely review the details of your case and recommend a game plan, so you understand next steps and what to expect during the legal process.

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We dig deep from day one

During the 30 to 60 minute consultation, we provide a detailed case analysis based on the information you provide. Depending on your circumstances, critical insights covered during the conversation may include:

  • Reason for divorce, including no-fault grounds (insupportability, living apart and confinement to a mental hospital) and fault grounds (adultery, cruelty, felony conviction and abandonment) defined by the state of Texas.
  • Division of assets and spousal support.
  • Child custody concerns.
  • Any pleadings that may have been filed.
  • Current orders pertaining to your divorce settlement and/or child custody.
  • Your goals and desired outcome for the case.
  • Other pertinent issues that may factor into your family law matter.

Together, we will discuss the different legal options available to you and formulate a case strategy to best meet your goals. If Justin doesn’t believe your case has merit, or more specifically, that it is unlikely the court would decide in your favor (legally or financially), he’ll tell you so up front.

We actually turn away more than 30 percent of the prospects who meet with us for this reason. Justin doesn’t want you to waste money going to court if your case won’t hold up based on laws defined in the Texas family code.

Hands-on, fiscally responsible legal advice

At Sisemore Law Firm, Justin takes a vertically integrated approach to every case the firm handles. From initial consultation to trial, every case the firm handles receives Justin’s strategic insight, brand and stamp. 

The firm also takes a proactive stance when it comes to helping clients rein in legal costs. From tips on minimizing billable hours to billing paralegal work at paralegal rates, we do our best to keep your costs in check.

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Justin will gladly meet with you in person or speak with you by phone. The firm charges a fee of $250 for an in-person initial consultation and $200 for a phone consultation.

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