4 factors that can jeopardize parental rights and custody

No parent is perfect. We all make mistakes not just as parents, but also in our non-parenting roles. As such, you should not assume that being flawed will jeopardize custody.

That being said, there are mistakes and personal shortcomings that could compromise the well-being of a child. In these situations, parents could be at risk of losing physical and/or legal custody. Below, we examine some of the factors that could lead to loss of custody.

Showing no interest in maintaining a relationship

If a parent does not demonstrate an interest in raising a child, then it likely is not in the child’s best interest to spend any meaningful amount of time with that parent. A custody plan that attempts to preserve the relationship could just create emotional trauma and unnecessary pain for a child.

Drug or alcohol addiction

Especially at young ages, children need parents to be dependable providers who can maintain a safe living environment. A parent who is addicted to drugs or alcohol and is not seeking help may not be able to provide these things for a child. In these situations, a judge may award custody to a more reliable parent or party.

Violent or abusive behaviors

As specified in Texas family law statutes, courts may not give custody to a parent who has a history of violence or neglect. If there is credible evidence that a parent has been violent or abusive, the courts can deny or restrict parental access to a child.

Failure to comply with court orders

If you do not comply with a custody agreement or other instructions from the court, then you could face loss of parental rights as well as criminal charges.

We urge readers to understand the importance of addressing these issues if they have the potential to jeopardize custody. As we discussed in a previous blog post, you can get yourself in a better position to get custody of your kids so it wise to discuss your options and rights with an attorney.