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Data suggests mothers less likely to pay child support

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau for 2011, mothers in Texas and elsewhere are statistically less likely to pay child support when they are the noncustodial parent. Contrary to popular belief, 32.1 percent of noncustodial mothers do not pay any child support while only 25 percent of noncustodial fathers do not make the payments. Despite this, in 2011, $14.3 billion in owed child support went unpaid, and $1.7 billion of that amount was owed to custodial fathers.

High-ticket items in a billionaire's divorce

Although some Texas residents may dream of an opulent lifestyle from time to time, expenses being considered in the divorce case of billionaire Ken Griffin may seem extreme. The spending of Griffin and his ex-wife during the marriage is reported to have been at least $1 million each month for the couple's children. Court filings don't provide a great deal of detail about how this much money was spent, but some areas highlighted include travel in a private jet, vacation needs and staff.

Reality TV star facing felony charges over delinquent support

Texas residents may be interested in the legal trouble that one television personality is finding himself in after he allegedly failed to make over $1 million in child support payments. Prosecutors are pursuing possible felony charges against him in connection with the delinquent payments.

Conditions that can end or extend child support

Texas parents may have a general understanding that child support obligations end when the child reaches the age of 18. However, in certain situations, child support can end before the age of majority is reached, like when a teenager declares himself or herself emancipated and financially independent of the parents. In other situations, child support may continue beyond the time that the child reaches 18, such as cases in which a child support order contains provisions for college education expenses.

Change of names after divorce

Some Texas residents may be interested in restoring their pre-marital name after divorce. This may be done as part of the divorce order or at a subsequent time. The easiest way is by asking the court to include it when the marriage is dissolved. Once the order is handed down by the divorce court, an individual may use a certified copy to change the name on any document. Presenting a copy of the order copy.

A range of expenses is covered by child support

A Texas parent may wonder about the expenses that a child support order is meant to address. Each state establishes its own guidelines, and these affect the amount of support as courts use information about a parent's income as well as the finances needed to maintain the standard of living of a child to the extent possible. While certain needs of a child are meant to be covered by support, it is not required that parents receiving support provide proof of these areas being covered by support payments.

When an employment setback causes a parent's income to drop

Sadly, individuals sometimes experience a major setback when it comes to their employment. Sometimes, this setback takes the form of a pay cut or being moved to a job with a lower pay rate. Sometimes, this setback is the outright loss of one's job, through things such as layoffs. Employment setbacks can be particularly common in times of economic uncertainty/turmoil.

Enforcing Texas child support orders

Many times, even after a parent has obtained a court order as part of a divorce decree mandating that the non-custodial parent pay child support, the non-custodial parent fails to make the required payments. Some Texas parents are unaware of what they can do in order to enforce a previously issued child support order against the non-paying parent.