False child abuse allegations in child custody cases

Child custody matters can touch on some very fundamental and emotional issues for parents. Thus, child custody cases have the potential to get quite contentious. Situations sometimes end up arising in which both parents are hurling allegations at each other out of spite or in an attempt to better their position.

Unfortunately, sometimes, a parent will decide to cross the line and make false allegations to try to better their chances of getting the custody outcome they want. One of the types of false allegations that are, sadly, sometimes made in child custody cases are false child abuse allegations.

False child abuse allegations are a remarkably harmful type of false allegation, given how serious a type of misconduct child abuse is. Such allegations can leave the falsely accused parent facing major reputation damage and feeling remarkably distressed over having accusations of such unthinkable conduct leveled at them.

Thus, understandably, Texas law takes a pretty strong stance against such false allegations. Under state law, when two parents are in custody proceedings and the court finds that a report of child abuse that one of the parents made against the other was false and that the parent making the report knew of its false nature, a civil monetary penalty is to be issued by the court against the parent that made the false report. Also, in such a situation, during the custody proceedings, the false report is allowed to be considered as evidence against the parent who made it.

If a parent has had false allegations leveled against them by their fellow parent in a child custody case and is wondering what they can do, they should think about asking a child custody attorney about their options.